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17 Steps to Creating a Powerful, Influential, Magnetic Personal Brand

December 21, 2011

Your personal brand is a reflection of your vision of the world, your purpose in supporting that vision, your values and your passions. When you are clear about your goals, the messaging you create will be consistent with your personal brand.

Sixty-seven percent of first impressions are accurate. People judge you firstly by appearance, 
then by how you communicate, and finally by the words you use. Is your professional image an 
accurate reflection of your brand?

You can establish your credibility, increase your market share, and position yourself as the expert by improving all aspects of your professional image. Improving your image will have a direct effect on improving your perceived professionalism and quality of your brand.

1. Determine the “look” you want. Your physical appearance sends out a message. What message do you want to send?

2. Reflect your internal values by you physical appearance. People expect this. If you went into a bank to deposit a large sum of money, and the banker was wearing a Mohawk haircut and an earring, would you leave your money?

3. Know that a good physical appearance is important to every aspect of your lifestyle. Everyone around you is affected by your appearance. A good appearance builds self- esteem and allows you to forget about your self and concentrate on other matters.

4. Evaluate yourself objectively. Evaluate the good points of your appearance and accept those things that can not be changed. 5. Begin with a plan. Consider the total picture you want to create and then address each individual part.

6. Compete only with yourself. Take your natural qualities and perfect each detail to the best of your ability.

7. Choose “quality” over quantity. Choose the best technicians to help you with your image, the best products for your skin, the best clothing your budget will allow.

8. Recognize that “balance” is the most important part of a masterpiece. When you look at a landscape scene and a tree is too large, the picture cannot qualify as a masterpiece.

9. Realize that your head and shoulders constitute the “focal point” of the picture. Since everyone looks you in the eye, this area is the most important part of your image.

10. Realize that from the shoulder to the waist is also a high visibility area. A man’s tie must hang exactly right to create balance. A belt worn correctly establishes good proportion.

11. Balance the ways your clothing “fits”. A masterpiece is the result of paying attention to every single detail.

12. Know that “color” is second importance. People will forgive you anything but being dull. Your best colors will make you look brighter.

13. Remember color is free. Even a sweat suit may be bought in color that is flattering to your natural color palette.

14. Create an individual style by using “contrast”. You are an original 15. Invest time in creating an outstanding appearance You may have to rise 30 minutes earlier.

16. Make good habits a part of your- plan. You may have to break old habits, such as sleeping until the last minute, and form new ones so that your best image can happen daily.

17. Begin where you are. Start today!

How you are known; your personal or business brand or your reputation is the most important 
thing as it is your promise to your client. It will ensure your business or personal integrity, if you 
seek to maintain it.

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About the author: Walethia is not trendy, she  provides her clients with foundational principals with practical applications that produce results. She shows entrepreneurs and career professionals a much more sophisticated way of creating brand awareness that is specific to getting results.  Results such as growing profits, taking control and making more money.  Now you can position yourself to never miss an opportunity due to fear, indecision, doubt, or lack of confidence. Learn  how you can move from ‘Invisible to Impeccable.’ Visit Grace and Charm today. Have an etiquette or image question email Walethia at: Direct number 1- 810-334-5427 or 1-866-610-3746.


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  1. December 21, 2011 12:50 PM

    Thank you for the opportunity to share Grace and Charm with your members.

    Have a wonderful holiday season.

  2. December 21, 2011 4:13 PM

    Always great insights!
    You do the same 🙂

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