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Creating a great social media presence using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,and Google+

January 9, 2012

Grace and Charm Insights:

How do you want people to perceive you in 2012? One change of style, grooming, behavior, or friends can make a big difference. Building a unique brand for yourself and your business is an essential factor to having a successful business. Implement these Grace and Charm Insights to jumpstart your business in 2012

  • Develop the habit of continually thinking about how you are positioned in the hearts and minds of your clients.
  • Make sure your online presence is professional. Many times a potential client will search for you online. Be careful of what you post on your profiles and whom you connect with online.
  • While you may think people do not care, those who are genuinely interested in you are silently watching your every move. This includes your online presence such as every post and photo and they will judge you accordingly.
  • Your business image should reflect your abilities, values, goals, and business mission.
  • Investing in your professional image is investing in your future success.
  • Know that a good physical appearance is important to every aspect of your lifestyle.
  • Remember the key words that are often neglected in business conversation: Please, Thank You, What Can I Do For You, and Well done.
  • Be honest about what you can do and cannot do.  If something has gone wrong, be honest and upfront, immediately.
  • Your smile is 60% of your image.
  • Time for an assessment:  Does your image reflect your brand?  Yes, you are the brand, not your logo!  When was the last time your inventoried your wardrobe, updated your hair style, and eye glasses?  When was your last physical?  How about your weight?  After you make your billions, don’t you want to be around to enjoy it?

Don’t let the lack of social skills sabotage your success.  It is easy if you remember the fundamentals. Contact Grace and Charm today.

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