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Why Your Business Needs an Online Press Release

February 14, 2012

By Caroline Pigott

Press releases have been used as a marketing tactic by businesses for a very  long time.

I first learned all about the anatomy of an eye-catching press release in  2002 while studying corporate communications and public relations as a  postgraduate student. I learned how to turn the “who, what, where and when” of a  business into an interesting piece that would grab the media’s attention and  help notify the public about a product, service or event.

While it remains a useful tool to spread the word about your business to  media, its benefits as a communications vehicle has evolved to help you connect  with your audience more effectively than ever before.

Below are five ways press releases can help your small business:

1. Increase website traffic

If you want to improve your page rank and get on the first page of Google,  you should include a news release strategy into your marketing plan. Because  they are filled with new and relevant content, Google pays special attention to  press releases. They also give you quality, relevant back-links because they are  often picked up by a large number of news sites which are essential to improving  your search engine reputation and driving significant traffic to your site.

2. Enhance credibility

A well-written release increases your exposure to your target market while  positioning you as an expert in your field. Both of these points are important  to building credibility and enticing your audience to act.

3. Add to marketing materials

A press release makes an excellent addition to the informational materials  you send out to prospects. Create a press section on your website for easy  download or develop a media kit for interested parties to read.

4. Get positive publicity

A press release with a news worthy angle has the potential to get you and  your business inexpensive publicity and advertising. A news worthy press release  could include anything interesting that is happening with your company, whether  it’s a new product, a new service, contests or promotions.

5. Appear larger than you really are

A well written press release has the ability to make your business appear  larger than it is and more established than it may be. This, in turn, can help  secure funding, partnerships and attract new customers.

An online press release is an effective way to increase business exposure and  turn interest into paying customers. Consider including them in your overall  marketing plan.

Meet Caroline Pigott, owner and founder of Flourish. Simply put, Caroline  launched Flourish to help other women business owners succeed. With an innate  ability to listen to the needs of her clients, Caroline helps businesses  flourish through such all-in-one outsourcing services as Internet marketing,  administrative assistance and graphic design. Visit her website and sign up for  ongoing updates at

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