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It’s Not All Monkey Business

March 8, 2012

By Becky Arrington

Daily my e-mail, Facebook and Twitter are filled with commentary on the state of our planet; the “dirty dozen list” of organic foods, the banking debacle and the Federal Reserve, natural remedies vs pharmaceuticals, Monsanto and GMOs, political sparring, the Occupy Movement, chemical trails in the sky, alternative energy, sustainable communities, PETA, etc.

I try to be a compassionate, conscientious person and each of these deserve my attention to research and understand the issues in order to form an opinion and ultimately take action. But how? What can I do to make a difference in what happens in Washington or go up against big business or the banking cartels?
There is a story called The Hundredth Monkey about primates on a deserted island who began washing the grit off of sweet potatoes before they were eaten. Over time and through imitation, eventually all the monkeys in that community were doing the same. But the interesting fact was that at the same time OTHER monkeys in OTHER remote locations began washing their sweet potatoes before consuming them.
When enough people share a common thought or activity, eventually a critical mass is formed. Whatever the magical formula that defines the number is, once reached , a tipping point occurs and a universal shift is made. By living your beliefs and “walking your talk” you set up an energy or a vibration that adds to the collective whole in the world. When enough people hold those same thoughts, things begin to change.

Social media is a perfect venue to draw attention to causes in the world that the mainstream media are not covering. Awareness is the first step towards enlightenment, therefore it’s important to be informed. But it is also necessary to seek out a wide variety of references in an attempt to get a clear picture. There is a myriad of information about every subject, much of it slanted for or against the topic, so be prudent in getting a good cross-section of research before you arrive at your opinions. And once you determine your beliefs, live them.

Sometimes we feel helpless, unable to change the seemingly unchangeable. It’s important to continue to believe in your cause and live it, demonstrating every day what your values are, even if they aren’t what everyone else is doing. Who knows the impact you will have. You may end up being the hundredth monkey causing a final change, or maybe even the first, starting a new movement.

Becky Arrington guides individuals and businesses to discover their purpose and live authentically. Whether you’re a company looking for innovative ways to lead and engage employees or an individual trying to prioritize, reduce stress or decide what you want to be when you grow up, learning to accept and thrive in change is key.
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