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LinkedIn and Citi launch a new Professional Community for Women

May 7, 2012


To encourage women to get more active on professional networks and provide them with an exclusive space, where they can have interesting discussions and conversations with other women professionals, LinkedIn has just launched a new professional community for women, in partnership with Citi.  The new LinkedIn group called Connect: Professional Women’s Network( will feature curated content and moderated discussions to help women become savvier professional networkers and share workplace best practices.

Connect: Professional Women’s Network will be the ultimate resource for women who want to stay on top of current news about finding mentors, launching start-ups, balancing work and life, making it to the top and much more. It will feature polls, targeted events, and relevant LinkedIn discussions — as well as original and inspirational videos featuring  the members. The group will also integrate content from across the web including the personal financial education website Women & Co., a service of Citi, which is focused on helping women strengthen their financial futures.

Here are some of the features that this new community offers women:

Access: Opportunity to gain access to other influential women and a wealth of content that will help them achieve professional goals in their careers and, in turn, strengthen their financial futures.

Best Practices Sharing: Participants in the group will include high-profile women who have built their careers through successful networking tactics and are ready to share their best practices.

Networking: Women who join the group will have the chance to access a broad network of likeminded individuals who can help them achieve success and satisfaction in their own careers.

To keep conversations going, Citi and LinkedIn also plan to conduct customized surveys on a quarterly basis and share the results from those studies with the group, sparking new ideas for discussions and content sharing.

To join Connect: Professional Women’s Network, visit

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  1. June 15, 2012 3:04 AM

    Reblogged this on smartgirlsolutions and commented:
    Always encouraging women to be actively nviolved in networking business groups. So much to learn and so much you can tell of your story. Your achievements can help others to visualise their goals and dreams. Even one samll suggestion can work miracles and could be the one change a woman can put into place whcih can help her reach the top of her profession Christine

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