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Why Women Are Successful Sales People Online and Off

July 18, 2012


With buying and selling, by nature, women have it all over men, whether  online or offline. Women have an emotional core, which is extremely effective  when it comes to being able to be outrageously successful at selling products  and/or services.

When it comes to selling any product and/or service, as is always the case,  relationships are at the heart of the success of the entire process. Before you  are able to cultivate any relationship, there must be a real emotional  connection between you and the other person. People always react to other people  and what they are communicating on an emotional level. Without that connection,  your relationship will be dead before it ever has a chance to live. With all  relationships, people relate to each other if it feels good. The presence of  feelings on both sides is essential. The emotional connection is especially true  when it comes to women engaging with social media, such as Pinterest and  Facebook.

Why women make such amazing sales people

If you flip it around and consider what sort of reaction buying invokes in a  large number of women, you will see that the element of emotion is present in  the buying as well as in the selling. Of course, there are always exceptions to  the rule; however, on the whole, women feel good when they buy thing. If you go  into a store (or search for a purchase online), you may not necessarily need a  particular item. However, the idea that you feel good about having it can be a  very powerful feeling indeed! Because it feels good to buy, it also feels good  to continue to duplicate the feeling over and over again. There is a great deal  of eventual selling that occurs through interactions that happen exclusively  through social media. With sites like Pinterest and Facebook (the majority of  the members of those sites is women), women come together because of their  common interests. As they build their relationships with other women (and men in  some cases), they are building a foundation of trust and credibility.

On the sales side, it is a simple fact that nobody understands women better  than women. It is not that the women who are doing the selling are manipulating  or conniving. It is just that they are smart enough to be able to identify the  problems that the buyers are experiencing and are also smart enough to come up  with a way to solve those problems. They are naturally going by the WIIFM  (What’s In It For Me) principle. In other words, it doesn’t matter how wonderful  the seller is and clever, talented, skilled, etc, they are. All that matters is  that they have the ability to solve the problems of the buyer. If they are able  to accomplish that, the will be invoking loyalty in their customers. That  loyalty will go very far if the foundation of the relationship is solid. The  customers will be more than happy not only to buy the sellers products and/or  services but will also be more than willing to tell their friends and family  (and perhaps even business associates) about how wonderful those products and/or  services are.

The formula that works

The reason that women are so successful at selling is based on a few simple  principles. First of all, they recognize the needs of the potential (and actual)  buyers. The second reason why women are successful at selling is that they are  really good listeners on the whole. The percentage of their listening versus  their asking questions is 80 to 20. Women in the sales field clearly understand  the important elements that are involved with successfully closing a deal. Those  facts are no different when they are interacting online than when they are doing  in on the phone or in person.

Make it personal

First and foremost, the approach that female sellers take when it comes to  selling is a personal one. Women have no desire to be treated like they are  numbers. The personal, human element is critical. Another important thing is  that you treat them with respect and sensitivity. When addressing women, it is  important that you don’t assume an air of familiarity. Once you have established  a solid relationship with them, it may be acceptable. However, it certainly is  not appropriate in the beginning before you really know each other at all. You  should make it your business to take an interest in them as people. It is very  important that you don’t show any signs in the beginning (or any place along the  way) or trying to sell the other person. Nobody wants that. The way that you  relate to each other should be comfortable and it should feel good.

Demonstrate professionalism

It is very important that you demonstrate self-confidence and the right  amount of charm, especially at the beginning of the relationship. The first  stage, when you are building the relationship, is critical to the overall  success of the relationship over time. Remember to always be genuine and  sincere. If you don’t show those qualities, the other person will know  immediately and will not want to buy anything or possibly may not want to  associate with you at all.

Be as productive as possible

As you are interacting, it is very important that your conversation goes from  Point A to Point B. This is your one and only chance to make a really good first  impression that will hopefully last forever in the other person’s mind. You need  to really wow the other person and there is nothing wrong with teasing (just a  little and in an entirely appropriate manner) so that you are able to pique the  other person’s interest into wanting to know more.

Always show a positive side

It is critical that you engage your prospective buyer in meaningful  conversation. Show that you have an interest in the buyer’s life, problems, etc.  As always, it can’t be about you. It must be about the other person. With that  said; however, you shouldn’t think that the conversation will be one-sided  because it most certainly will not be. The chances are great that the other  person will take an equal interest in you and what you have to say. Always  maintain positivity. Nobody wants to spend time with someone who makes them feel  worse, instead of better, about themselves.


Women, because of the way they relate to people in general, have a natural  ability to be successful salespeople. This applies in person as well as through  social media interactions. The emotional element is critical and people will  react to you emotionally without even realizing it. Of course, it is also  important to have just the right mix of emotions and logic for the relationship  to be successful. Making a connection on a human level is critical to the  success of your relationship and it will be the element that allows you to  succeed. If you are able to fulfill some need or want in them, they will be  loyal to you and will want to see you succeed in a big way.

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