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7 Tips to Work More Effectively

May 9, 2013

By Michele Tocci

By implementing these 7 tips you are going to start feeling and being more productive and efficient.

multitasking-women1. Plan your week

The fact is that if you spend 30 minutes to 1 hour planning your week, writing down everything that needs to be done, prioritising the list by importance and then deciding what should be done on Monday, what on Tuesday and so on, you will save hours during the week. It keeps you on track and your momentum going.

2. Plan your day

Spending time on planning your day makes a difference. By planning, we know what needs to be done and we are working more effectively and efficiently. I imagine you are thinking, “I planned my week, why do I need to plan my day?” When you do your weekly planning that is the big picture view. During the week, other tasks arise that need to be done, so that is what comes into consideration when planning your day.

3. Batch your activities

Every time you start a new activity, it takes time. You have to get everything you need in order to do the task, you need to get into the mindset and you need a little “warm up time” during which you don’t work as fast as when you have done something for a while. Once you are done with the task, you have to put everything away, and “cool off”. So batch your tasks – email, phone calls, shopping. It makes you more efficient

4. When at work, work!

Focus and concentrate and work when at work. Just because you are in the office does not mean you are working. There are many distractions around you – people, coffee breaks, meetings, etc. Focus and really complete the top three tasks for the day then you can reward yourself with a little down time.

5. Finish every activity you start

Fifteen completed tasks are more effective than forty five uncompleted tasks. Leaving an activity half-finished is a big source of stress. Whenever something is only half done, it gnaws at you and stops you from focusing on other activities. So once you start something, finish it.

6. Focus all your energy on the most important activities

The much quoted 80/20 rule states that 80% of the value you create in a day will come from 20% of the activities you perform. Meaning, if you complete those 20% you will have done much, much more than if you complete all the rest. Go through all the activities you perform and see which ones are the most important. Find ways to focus more time on them.

7. Take a break!

To be able to work hard and efficiently, you need to be of sound mind and be able to focus. Take a break once in a while and go for a walk, drink a cup of coffee or take a nap.


“Be an inspiration to yourself and you will be an inspiration to others.”


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