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Cliff Notes from “Change Your Life In An Instant” by Linda Minnick

June 24, 2013

Linda MinnickIn a world of instant gratification and 40+ hour work weeks, we get so involved ‘doing’ that we leave little to no time to ‘being’. Listed below are some of the tips I offer to help you reclaim your sanity and ‘change your life in an instant’.

Tip #1 – Determine the ROI on your commitments

Go through your personal and professional calendar and determine if you’re getting the results you need or want for your commitments and engagements.  If not, change them or drop them.  Don’t waste your time or energy with people and things that aren’t contributing to your overall good.

Tip #2 – Learn to say “No!”

If you’re a volunteer addict, as many of us are, stopping saying ‘yes’ to commitments you really don’t want to do or don’t have time or energy to do.  I’m not saying don’t volunteer.  It’s important we all give back.  We just need to monitor how much we volunteer.  Over volunteering tends to stress us out and exhaust us.  We also end up resenting having to do it which produces lackluster results for the group you volunteered for anyway!

Tip #3 – Listen to your Intuition & take back control of your life

Do you wake up Monday morning, blink your eyes and all of a sudden it’s Sunday night?   You’re over worked; over committed and under appreciated – by yourself! Many of us keep so busy doing what we think we should be doing that we don’t hear the quiet, subtle voice reminding us what we really want or meant to do.  Listening to your intuition on a daily basis will help you make better decisions and assist you in staying on your right path.

Tip #4 – Take good care of yourself

Do something for you EVERY DAY.  Take time to read a good book, listen to music, meditate, have lunch with a friend, talk a walk.  A good way to relax is TAKE A BATH at least once a week.  Include bath salts such as Himalayan salt.  It’s amazing how 20 minutes in a hot tub can make the world a better place.

Bottom Line – These are just a few things you can do to change your life but there is only one way to truly change your life in an instant.  To do that you have to make a decision.  You have to decide to improve your life.  You have to decide to take action.  You have to decide to live the life to your fullest potential.  Once you do,  you will find you have changed your life in an instant!


For more information on this program and other personal or group coaching offerings, contact Linda Minnick at or 678-367-3459.  Linda is also available for your workshops, lunch-and-learns and speaking engagements.  Check out her website at

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